FAQ Some questions
that our customers and clients
are frequently asked for...

  • What standard of materials we use for interior furnishing?

    On request, ID Studio turn key interiors makes sure that best quality materials are considered with genuine intention of durability. Our 100’s of satisfied clients acknowledged the talents of our dedicated carpenters which made ID Studio as No. 1 in South India. Personalised customer designing, commitment, talents, work efficiency and experience are the key success tools of ID Studio

  • What materials we use for Kitchen cabinets?

    ID Studio recommends and suggests only water proof materials like Marine 710 Grade plywood, PVC form (Multi wood) etc. for kitchen cabinets. This would give near to life time duration for your kitchen. We also consider quality brands for kitchen accessories and as per our client’s need and requirement.

  • What materials you use for cupboards etc?

    ID Studio use only quality materials from the market. Our materials are qualified and warrantied. We take into consideration our customer needs. According to it we select our materials for example: Marine 710 Grade plywood, 303 grade plywood, PVC form (Multi wood) etc.

  • What makes us special comparing to other interior designing firms?

    ID Studio do not undertake many projects at one time. We value our customer’s precious time so we make use of all our facilities to accomplish our client’s dream and all our facilities concentrate on those few projects.

  • Why ID Studio does not undertake many projects at a time when all other interior design firms do?

    ID Studio’s aim is not to complete ‘n’ no. of projects or with a sole aim to earn financially but to use our facilities to convert your dream house to an ideal home in economical.

  • What budget level of work do ID Studio undertake?

    Advantage of ID Studio is the capability to design and furnish for both, economic & minimum budgeted clients and also for premium & luxury clients.

  • How can ID Studio help economic & minimum budgeted clients?

    Our Interior designers hears the requirements of our clients and our best designers designs your dream home according to your needs and space. Our professionals will suggest economical feasible also durable materials to you and hence better furnishing at better price.

  • How can ID Studio help to design and furnish your luxury dream home?

    Our best interior designers are ready to meet you at any time and to convert your dream house to luxury and premium home with top notch designs and furnishings.